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Nazi-Hunting Season is Now Open [Mar. 18th, 2005|02:56 pm]


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Remember Proposal 2? The law that states that gay marriage would become illegal and that gay couples would be denied rights and benefits in all kinds of shit? Remember how it actually passed?

 The Michigan Attorney General has just told Kalamazoo County that all civil employees who are in homosexual relationships must be deprived of their benefits. Kalamazoo has responded with "Fuck you, our employees are gonna get their benefits no matter who they have sex with". So, the State has threatened to prosecute K-zoo County for not obeying the Discriminate-Against-Faggots law.

OUTRAGEOUS! UNBELIEVABLE! TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! I'm sorry, but they can't get away with this. They are taking away people's rights because they're a member of a minority group. I don't give a fuck if Proposal 2 passed as an official law and blah blah blah. The last country to officially pass anti-gay legislation was Nazi Germany. And who's next?

Everyone who isn't a religio-fascist should contact the Attorney General and/or the Governor. So that you don't have to do any work as far as finding contact info, I've done it for you. Here's the AG's e-mail address:


Unfortunately the Governor and Lt. Governor didn't have an e-mail address posted on www.mich.gov, but I did get her mail addresses, phone number, and fax:

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909

PHONE (517) 373-3400

FAX (517) 335-6863

SE Michigan Office 3022 W. Grand Blvd. Cadillac Place, Suite 14-150 Detroit, MI 48202  (313) 456-0010

Northern Michigan Office 1504 West Washington, Suite B Marquette, MI 49855  (906) 228-2850

Washington D.C. Office 444 N. Capitol Street, Northwest Hall of the States, Suite 411 Washington, D.C. 20001  (202) 624-5840

I've even prepared a form letter that you can copy and paste and just add your signature or whatever, so you don't even have to write anything! Here it is:


Attorney General Cox (or Governor Granholm),

It has come to my attention that the Michigan Attorney General's office is threatening action against Kalamazoo County due to their civil disobedience regarding Proposal 2.

Regardless of whether Proposal 2 passed or not, it is discriminatory, immoral, and un-American. As a voting American with a conscience and a sense of responsibility to my community, my state, and my country, I cannot condone this, and will support Kalamazoo County's desire to continue to give its employees their rights and benefits regardless of who they sleep with.

Lest I be dismissed as a lone fringe-radical, I would like to add that I'm joining a petition to have Proposal 2 reevaluated, a petition that many, many people will sign. Also I know a number of people who will be contacting civil-rights organizations about this issue.

I believe that Justice will prevail, and that the people of the 21st Century U.S.A. will turn against a law better suited to the Old South under Jim Crow or Nazi Germany. Thank you for your time.



And yeah, I am working on a petition. Please start your own! You already know you'll have company so you won't have to do this alone. Politicians do actually listen when a bunch of people make noise. They have to listen, since this is a democracy, not a totalitarian dictatorship.

ATTENTION ASSHOLES: I do not care if this community is about politics or not, because this is about Right and Wrong. Furthermore, I do not have the time or energy to read whatever bullshit you plan on spewing at me and then say "fuck off" afterwards, so I'll just say it right now in advance: Fuck off.

Finally, before everyone returns to whatever it is you're doing, something to keep in mind:

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein


[User Picture]From: hate_eternal606
2005-03-18 10:55 pm (UTC)
So glad that Jersey is sensibly liberal.
And the anti-gay marriage campaign was shot down in a pathetic flame: California Supreme Court validated the marriages and will allow more. Huzzah.
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